Mileage Club

The Mileage Club is a jogging program that is held everyday at lunch recess.  It is a program that began a few years ago to help increase students fitness, fight obesity, help reduce playground hassles, and increase kids’ learning readiness.  Students walk, jog, or run laps around the baseball field.  Any student who would like to participate is welcome! 

Kindergarten and first graders are given a special card that they take with them as they walk/run laps.  Each time they complete a lap the adult in charge will put a hole punch in their card.  At the end of recess they return their cards to the adult.  Every time a child punches all the holes in their card they receive a Toe Token (brightly colored plastic foot) to put on a shoelace or chain. 

Second through fifth grade students receive a Skillin Buck (fake dollar) for every lap they complete.  They save their money and can purchase small items/prizes at a special Mileage Club store during their lunch time.

How do I begin???
Find the adult in charge near the field at lunch recess.  Tell her you would like to run for the Mileage Club and go!!!

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