Sunday, September 16, 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is ready to get back into the swing of things!  I have a lot of things planned for everyone this year so make sure you check back regularly to keep up to date!

A couple of reminders for PE.
Students MUST wear sneakers in order to participate in PE.  There is a schedule on this site to help.  Comfortable clothes such as shorts or pants and a tshirt are helpful too.  Students in grades 3-5 will be going outside regularly in the fall so sweatshirts or jackets may be necessary.  If your student takes an inhaler please make sure they have one available in the nurses office.

The MILE walk/jog/run!
Students in grades 3-5 will be participating in the Mile walk/jog/run at the end of September.  This is a fitness self assessment for students.  It is a helpful tool for them to evaluate their fitness level and teach them about setting fitness goals for themselves.  In order to help them prepare for this I need your help!  Children should be exercising a minimum of 60 minutes a day. (Check out the Let's Go 5,2,1,0 website for more information) Encouraging your child to get out and play will go a long way in helping them prepare for the mile jog and improve their overall fitness.  I have listed a few ideas to help get them started.

Go for walk or jog
Take the dog for a walk
Play tag with some friends
Participate in a organized sport or activity
Have a dance party
Go for a family bike ride
Jump rope
Play soccer, basketball or other sport

Thank you for your help!  Hope you can get out and enjoy this fabulous fall weather!