Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Winter is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors but there are also plenty of activities you can do inside to stay active and have fun.  Here are a few ideas for you to try!

Join the Winter Kids Program

        Available for all 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students
Free admissions and rentals for students and free or discounted admissions and rentals for family members at participating areas.

Rec Center

        Indoor track
        Swimming pool
Youth programs
(basketball, gymnastics, martial arts, tap & ballet, indoor soccer)
        Vacation camps
        Open gym
        Downhill and cross country ski programs

Places to go

        Jokers, Portland
        Rock Gym, Portland
        Children’s Museum, Portland
        Happy Wheels, Portland
        Big 20 Bowling, Scarborough
        Vacationland Bowling, Saco
        Yankee Lanes Bowling, Portland
        The Bat Cave, Portland
        Fore Season Golf, Portland        


        Memorial MS
        Fort Williams
        Golf courses
        Fort Hill, Gorham
         Seacoast SnoPark, Windham

X- Country Skiing/Snow shoeing

         Purpoodock Golf course, Cape Elizabeth
         Pineland, New Glouster

Down Hill Skiing/Snowboarding

Ice Skating

        Millcreek, SP
        Deering Oaks, Portland
        Portland Ice Arena
        Lions Pond, CE

Activities at home

        Family exercises
           Exercise tape/dvd
        Create a game
        Create activity cards
        Make an obstacle course
        Play Twister
        Games in the snow (football, soccer, capture the flag)
        Play Hide n’ seek (indoors or out)
        Play Charades 


        Dance classes
        Martial Arts programs (some have afterschool pickup)
        Indoor soccer
        Swim Lessons
        Howard Sports Arena, Saco
        Shoveling (volunteer to help a neighbor)